Thursday, October 8, 2009

my dog likes sweet potatoes!!!

due to the cold weather my mother decided against going out to buy snacks and boiled sweet potatoes and peanut instead.

when i arrived at our house, i found that there was nothing else to eat other than the aforementioned.

so i tried the peanuts. Hmm! yum!
then i tried the potatoes. it was to bland for my taste so i tried it with mayonnaise.

it was so nice. (try it, so nice Promise)

i finished two of it but i got bored so mashed one more. then i added two spoonfuls of mayo then i mixed again.

it was nice just like the first but i couldn't finish it so i called in heavy artillery.

i gave some of the sweet potatoe-mayo mixture to Yatch(he's my pet dog)

to my great astonishment, he gobbled everything i laid in front of him!

i was so shocked that i tried giving my cat Snow White some.

it was my second shock in that day because the ever so choosy cat and dog tandem devoured my mixture.

they ended up eating all of whats left in my platter.

hows that for an experiment.

now i have something to share to fellow pet lovers. hehe

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