Friday, September 25, 2009

Death of a Friend

They say that anticipating death is worse than death itself.

my friend is dying, and i know it. she doesn't know about it but i think she can feel it. you may say that i can still do something but i can't stop it from happening.

i am forced to believe that animals are food for humans according to the bible.
but it's so hard to accept this.

the event is fast approaching, that as well as her death.

i heard how she was to die, stabbed in the neck.

she did nothing wrong, but she ends up in the our table just like everyone of her kind.

she is my friend. a very goo9d friend. she is gullible, kind, friendly and gay. she made my days happy.

she is jolly. and she is a goat.


  1. how sad...pity on Goaty..anyways ever since their destined to be swallow and the good thing was, you were full after all...hehe

  2. JAJAJA...funny like your friend goat!
    'kala ko naman kung ano na 'yon pala isang nag-dadramang KAMBING lang pala...

  3. atay kah brother...obsess na gru ka sa goat sah? hehehe, joke! CONDOLENCE daan, ahw?

  4. ma-shock pod ta sa pic ni Jonas oi...
    parang Hari ng Negros lang...