Friday, April 9, 2010

ice crean (i Scream!)

thank you ta jerie for the treat

twilight sky

movement starts...

the white flower

i was walking down a path that was canopied by tall flowering trees when i saw a small white flower with five petals.

it looked like trash to me but when i took it

it was heaven...

love doves

they say that love is as wide as an ocean and as vast as the universe, yet how come one small cage can contain something that big...

snake man

the skin was so cold... brrrr!

my co-interns

first time on air


first day blues...

it was the first day of my internship but my clock was an hour ahead of the standard time so i arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning. since nobody was there to open the door of the radio station for me i waited at the nearby park which was near the police station so i wasn't all afraid of pranksters.

i waited for 2 hours until kuya yong, the stations' anchor came and invited me.
what a relief


visit to the place called "red rock"