Sunday, April 4, 2010

wonderful message

parents restrict us from going out every holy week. and as an act of living up to the ten commandments we obey them.
i have been trapped in our house for days so i have taken to watching tv all day.
its not difficult to like the shows especially if your tv can only siphon one channel.
but there was one show that i really liked in particular "a dangerous life", the title tells so much about the story it conveys.
the story is about the Aquino's and the Marcoses, assassinations, coup d' etat, and the EDSA revolution.

it was quite the same as what we already know about these events. however, one dialogue impressed me a lot.

it was a dialogue between First Lady Imelda Marcos, played by Tessie Tomas, and a foreign journalist.(I can't remember the exact words but here it is.)

(as an explanation to the money she used for the construction of glamorous buildings)
Imelda: Do you know what Filipino's need more than food?
Journalist: (silence)
Imelda: Respect.

she claims that only by making the Philippines look glamorous can the other countries respect us.

i almost sided with the marcoses after hearing those words because it was quite right... but only for a time.

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