Thursday, October 8, 2009

gone wild with "Wild Orchids"

are you a fan of Jude Deveraux?

well i am, thats none debatable. hehe

among the first e-books i downloaded was Wild Orchids by Deveraux.

it was unlike all the stories i've read.

it was new for me but i liked it. hehe again

its style is different as well. all chapters in the book are narrations from the two main characters.
its like reading into their thoughts for every situation that they face.

everything intertwined in the end. great ending too.

they pretend not to love each other and tried their best to be civil due to their status and age gap but they got together in the end. (padugay-dugay pero mubigay diay to effect) haha now

please try to read Jude Deveraux. all her books are definitely a must-read.

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