Thursday, February 4, 2010

new legging

going to different places to search for news is always a tiring yet enjoyable task.

a few days ago, me and my friends went to the office of the Philippine Atmospherical, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Agency to ask about EL NIƱO.

instead of another boring interview, we were entertained by a very nice employee. he was very charming and hospitable. he even invited us to partake of the fruits they grew at the back of their office.

so, bold as we are, we jumped at the opportunity. there were trees of guava and camias, and we ate all that was within our reach.

after the interview, our energy was not yet spent so we took pictures with the big commercial plane of PAL as background(the office was within the Dumaguete airport)

we were all giggling as we left the airport all the while thinking that all is well that ends well.

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  1. wow, i luv this brother! hehe...legging w/ laag bya atoh tripping olwiz, hahaha....